Brushes with Greatness

I love “Brushes with Greatness” moments. I love that child-like reverence that comes from shuffling up and outstretching my hand in hopes that the person of my affection will do likewise. I love the awkward strain to remember what it is that I was going to say in the first place. That amazing moment where I can look eye to eye, and see for myself. Not through TV or movies, but live and 2 feet away. I love the feeling in my stomach of anticipation and reflection as my number is called to shake hands and say something, anything that hopefully conveys my loyalty. Why? Because, every time it drives me to be better.

I hope you’ve had one. I just had one this weekend. Mark Kistler is one of the most direct reasons I do creative work. His inspiration to “Draw. Draw. Draw.” pushed me through those awkward early teen years. I still use his concepts of perspective and shading, daily. He taught me through his daily PBS show that being silly and being excited about what you do is GOOD. In our brief encounter, I simply told Mr. Kistler that he was a HUGE reason I am in the creative field. I am sure he has heard that a thousand times from incredible folks at Dream Works to local art teachers…but he took the time to be interested in me. He asked about my artistic journey and what I now do for a living. It meant a lot.

Since Saturday, I have been dreaming and scheming ways to do something similar for others. Or, perhaps find a way to continue to share his mission and vision with the next generation. And, I guess that’s what “Brushes with Greatness” do. They inspire us to be more than we are. To dream bigger than today.

Here’s to your heroes. Here’s to your next brush. Draw. Draw. Draw.

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